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CHRISTMAS HELP, christmas assistance: Im a single mother of two beautiful boys ages 14 and 2, who deserve a

needymomoftwo started this conversation
My prayers were answered and I was given a Gracious Angel! Thank You!!!
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Hi I am currently having a hard time this Christmas I have a 7 year old son and a new born I just had and I missed the Christmas sign up for my kids and I was trying to get help because they ain't going to have a Christmas dinner or Christmas gifts under the tree because I missed the sign up
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motheroffourkids   in reply to 9876
Hello iam currently having a hard time this christmas
I have been taking care of my uncle who has brain cancer doctors gave him less then four months to live two months ago so i have been spending all my time with helping him
I have not had any time to try to make money for my four kids for christmas i know this is my uncles last christmas so i am trying to make it a good one Oir Family would be blessed if someone could help us this christmas
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woman in a shoe   in reply to dsilvers
Hi all we can do is give information on this site. I am sorry put all resources that helps with Christmas is done for this year. But i seen u was saiding something about u don't have much food there is places they can help with that call Catholic churches and see which one give out food u can also call food pantry s.
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dsilvers   in reply to 9876
Hi my name is Deanna silvers, I live in conwaysprings,ks . I have a baby girl who turns 1 on the 22nd a 16 year old girl,13 year old boy and a 3 year old girl who will turn 4 on the 29th of January, I am needing help for xmas, I almost died after having the baby, ended up bleeding out and was in and out of hospital for a month. husband had to take care of kids and missed work and this got us behind on bills. we are buying our first home and had to apply to modify our mortgage. My daughter only asked for makeup, son asked for army men set with tanks and I wanted to get my 3 year old a childs Disney table with chairs hers is warped and falling apart, the playpen the baby sleeps in was bought used almost 4 years ago for my daughter who is almost 4 now. it has holes in it was gonna buy a new one but cant do that yet. and a toy she likes stuff that makes sounds. I have a xmas tree, but last year had to throw a lot out my daughter kept knocking them off tree. so this year have no decoration for tree. What ever you could help with I would appreciate it. thanks Deanna Silvers

ps I got dates wrong on when to go in and salvation army and operation holiday wont help already called.
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RMommyJulie   in reply to 9876
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9876   in reply to nita31
Hello I'm sorry, I already have a family this year. I hope things turn around for you and happy holidays
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nita31   in reply to 9876
hi how are u im a african america single mother of four i have looked all around for help with christmas i live in los angeles ca i have four different fathers of my kids i have 1 son and he is 10 yr. and his father passed away dec.18 2003 and i have a 12 yr. old daughter whos father passed away in dec.22 2001 and the other two girls ages 9yr. and 15yrs father i have no idea where they are i been raiseing my kids all by myself i get income for my oldest daughter but that only enough to keepa roof over there head which is a low income apt.i dont know if i telling you to much be this is my situation i search churches and all no luck yet ill take what ever it can be hammy down i not pickie at all anything toys,clothes,jacket,blanket or what ever i thank god for it i just wont my babies to have something to open thanks and god bless.
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Mychelle28   in reply to 9876
My name is Ashley Mychelle and I have 4 kids. I live in Evansville Indiana. My Children are 10,9,6 &3. Unfortunately i am unable to get my youngest daughter any Christmas and I came here to look for help because i could use it . My older children are sending Christmas with their Grandma but due to a epo i have against their father for Dv I am not allowed to attend. Any help i can receive will be greatly appreciated I just want to make sure she is able to have a good Christmas because im not able to provide her with one.
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Mz Bree   in reply to Mychelle28
Hi,I'm Bree.. Been on here for a while,now since last year,I was looking for some Xmas help,I did have a job but due to medical reason was forced to quit,due to health.I was wondering if u knew who could help me with a few gifts for my 3/kids???
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9876   in reply to Mychelle28
I did find one. Tell me a little about your situation, where your from, and a ingle about your family maybe I can help.
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momof3beautifulkids   in reply to momof3beautifulkids
Oh I thought you were someone looking for help too. Only one person got a hold of me and she could do was tell me some suggestions of receiving help with Christmas presents and bills. She told me to call churches and that they were done doing Christmas though. I had already called churches, help hotline, and the places that they gave me. I had a Christmas for my kids I saved my money all year to have a great Christmas but we were robbed and I don't have house insurance because my house is foreclosed on and were looking for somewhere else to move to. I told the police I know it was my neighbors son and his friends. They told me to call detectives that next morning. When I did they said my case was transferred to the juvenile cases. So I called up there and they said there is nothing they can do until the person that robs me finger prints get on file and they are an adult. I can check the pawn shops but thats it. Which I did and there was nothing. What kills me is how could someone be so heartless. To take a child's Christmas and his game systems he already had. Which is all we had and it took my family and me to buy. My daughter and older son are actually taking us not having a Christmas very well. But my youngest son has special needs and he don't understand as well as they do. Of course, they're not happy but they do understand.
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momof3beautifulkids   in reply to Mychelle28
no i have not how about you
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Mychelle28   in reply to 9876
I was wondering if you found a family to help yet?
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9876   in reply to needymomoftwo
I need the name for the shipping instructions
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needymomoftwo   in reply to 9876
I went and looked in my Spam folder. Your notification from this site were going there as well.
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9876   in reply to needymomoftwo
I found them in spam
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9876   in reply to needymomoftwo
i did not get them
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needymomoftwo   in reply to 9876
OK I just sent you them again. Let me know if you receive it.. thanks
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9876   in reply to needymomoftwo
i didn't get the address please resend
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needymomoftwo   in reply to 9876
So the Broadview address is where you can send it. I'm Sorry, not trying to confuse you! Just making it better for the both of us.. :) I would be devastated if something happened to their presents !!!
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